About Us

Apple Tree Preschool BSD
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Apple Tree Preschool was established in July year 2000. It was set up by a group of directors who have the same vision of giving a better education to the children today.

    The School initially started with about 30 students and gradually increased to 80 students towards the end of the first school year.

    The School has continually built its name rapidly to about 280 students on the 2nd year and till now about 1500 students in total. Due to its success, Apple Tree Pre-School is now one of the largest fast growing pre-school national-wide.

    In year 2002, Apple Tree Pre-School has moved on further working together with Bina Bangsa School which enables children to have direct entry after they have completed their preschools’ years.

    • Our Vision

      To be a trusted Pre-School to educate young learners to perform well academically through experiential learning.

    • Singapore Curriculum

      We believe in a curriculum that enables children to reach their fullest potential at their own pace.

    • English Language

      The school integrates to English and Mandarin curriculum, the two important elements of language:
      A: Listening & Speaking
      B: Reading & Writing

    • Mandarin Language

      • Develop their communication skills in Mandarin
      • Recognize Chinese characters.
      • Learn the proper strokes of writing Chinese characters.

    • Mathematics

      • Children are being guided to make new connections.
      • Children are having time and opportunities to work out different mathematical problems.
      • Children can apply their understanding to everyday tasks and in play.

    • Art And Craft

      • Explore and experiment with ideas, materials and activities.
      • Feel confident to try new experiences and ways of doing things.
      • Be exposed to the art forms of different cultures.

    • Science

      • Observe, develop and engage their senses
      • Learn from experiences
      • Gather and apply information
      • Demonstrate discoveries

    • Social Studies

      • Teaching and guiding children to have a sense of belonging to a family and to a community
      • Showing children how to care and value to living things that are a part of a community.
      • Developing acceptable behavior in the society.

    • Music & Movement

      • Experiment with their voices
      • Explore movements
      • Explore musical instruments
      • Be confident in performing in front of an audience

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